5 Ways We Make Wedding Family Photos Fun (and functional!)

As a Wedding Photographer who has done hundreds of weddings in the past 8 years we are here to tell you – Your Heirloom Family photos on your wedding day do not have to be stressful and done on a whim. Every detail of your wedding day is planned so that you are enjoying your time and giving each person a luxury wedding experience. Why leave a dedicated part of your wedding timeline taking photos with your most cherished family members up to chance of everyone being stressed and awkward?

Wedding Family Portraits in front of Hudson River at Monteverde at Oldstone in Upstate New York Wedding

With these 5 tips you can create a space for your family to feel loved, look their best in wedding photos all while enjoying your time with them.


  1. Make a plan and organize your family photos list 1-2 months in advance. We collaborate with you to help prioritize your list of family portraits, deciding which ones can be saved for your reception. We recommend limiting your groupings to 10 people or fewer.

    We work through your list, organizing it to minimize standing around so that everyone can get back to the celebration quickly. This efficient approach allows us to capture beautiful family portraits, while our second wedding photographer captures joyful candid wedding moments as everyone enjoys their time spent with one another.

Wedding Family Portraits in front of Hudson River at Monteverde at Oldstone in Upstate New York Wedding


  1. Choosing your location in advance eliminates last-minute decisions on your wedding day. Meticulously planning these moments, selecting a beautiful location near your wedding venue, and paying attention to details to assure everyone will love their family photos. Considering your family list and any accessibility needs, we aim to make the process seamless and enjoyable to ensure everyone is comfortable. 


  1. Choose a time earlier in the day to avoid squeezing them in. Opt for seeing your groom before the ceremony, allowing family portraits to be taken early, freeing them for the cocktail hour or reception. This tip is important for Brides who want family photos with beautiful natural light. Consider capturing larger groups at the welcome party or rehearsal dinner to save time on the wedding day.


  1. Communicate with the family members involved ahead of time and provide details. People appreciate great communication and often cooperate well when given clear instruction.  We make sure to discuss and give you time to talk through any family sensitivities when planning out your family photos list so that we can help navigate uncomfortable situations and avoid any potential issues. 


  1. Consider a cocktail concierge. Add a personal service for your family members as they are waiting for their portraits to be served at the location. Oftentimes the added stress people complain about during this time comes from impatience and hunger.  As your family members are waiting for their turn they will be delighted to enjoy your signature cocktail and hor d’oeuvres – a simple way to express your gratitude for their presence.

Plan ahead with your wedding photographer and wedding planner, staying organized, and blessing your family with some refreshments, you can make your family wedding portraits both efficient and enjoyable, creating lasting memories for everyone involved. 

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