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Sisters, Artists, and Your Newest BFF's

The name West Rose is inspired from the most joyous, love-filled person we have ever known. Our mom, a woman who taught us to love people well and then love them some more. She was born and raised in California, her middle name is Rose, and passed away too young from breast cancer. We feel so blessed to honor her name and spirit within our company values and keep living like our mom did — giving you more than what you came here for.

With us, you get our best.  We value building relationships and serving them well. Being recorded on camera is one of the most vulnerable and intimate things a person can do. It exposes who you are…and within those moments it’s the real, raw, down to earth moments that make our job worth it. We believe being real and honest with you builds that trust. And when you trust us, you can be your most confident self. That’s where the magic happens.

 Sisters From Birth and Creatives at Heart

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Hi, We’re Brandie & Emily

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We both received our bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, but our heartstrings were always pulled towards something more. We loved how easily photography captures emotion and feelings and freezes moments in time. After a few years doing freelance graphic design and photography, we decided to pursue photographing weddings together! 

We are both married and planned our weddings ourselves (Our first mistake— Hello stress). Brandie’s other mistakes were not making enough time for portraits and not hiring a videographer. 

Today, using our own life experience as motivation, we do everything possible to ensure our couples don’t miss those special moments as we did. 

This is where it all began…

“Brandie and Emily went above and beyond even helping me plan my wedding timeline. The photos turned out so vibrant and amazing.”

samantha t.

We do what we do because we love people. Plain and simple. We crave connection, creativity, and serving others with our time and talents. We know personally how important it is to have photos and film you can enjoy forever and how important it is to have someone you can trust by your side so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your day. When you’ve been married for 15 years and are distracted because #life, you’ll be able to look back and relive the best day of your lives. And you’ll be reminded of the love and vows you made to each other on this day. 

We want you to be able to relive every single one of them.

These moments are once in a lifetime

Brandie started her photography career when she was five years old. She started with a disposable camera, young and excited to take her very first photos of the trees, grass, siblings, and neighbors. In high school, she upgraded and learned to use a film camera. In college, she earned her degree in graphic design while taking digital and film photography classes. While designing in the corporate world, she continued to take photos, learned the art of flash photography, and how to create and capture flat lays. She soon realized what she craved was the joy that comes with connecting with clients on a deeper level. So, in 2017, she decided to pursue photography full-time.

Brandie’s art is influenced by her down-to-earth approach to life; finding inspiration in things that bring her joy and push her creative limits.  For Brandie, it happens to be helping clients find their confidence because confidence leads to trust and trust leads to great photos.


Owner | Photographer

Emily's passion for photography sparked while studying graphic design in Greece. You know the feeling when you experience something new or you travel somewhere you've never been. You instantly want to take out your phone and capture that moment so you never forget it. That is the feeling that sparked a love for capturing special moments, people and places for her. Photography became a huge part of her life while finishing school and learning to navigate grief. She finds joy in capturing others' stories through her perspective. Designing and photographing for marketing firms is also something she enjoys alongside weddings.

Emily’s art is influenced by people, culture, and relationships. She believes there is something unique and interesting about every person, place, and experience that deserves to be captured.


Owner | Photographer


Paige’s relationship with videography started in college. When a boy recommended that she take a broadcasting class with him, it was love at first cut. Her English major flew out the window and a degree in video production began. She spent her college years creating stories with her friends and exploring new ways to connect people to the videos she created. She studied the art of cinematography, editing, and directing. Along the way she produced her own show on the campus TV station, which won state-wide and national awards. Shortly after graduation in 2022, she joined the West Rose team, and {that boy} finally put a ring on her finger.

Paige finds inspiration for her art in the subject of each story. She is always looking at life from different angles. Every wedding is unique and deserves to be told in a way that showcases the couple's story. Paige’s storytelling through film is something that she takes pride in - she takes the time to create magic that will captivate hearts. She’ll also take a few notes about the day while she plans her own wedding.


We value capturing real, honest, moments...

We work well together and feed off each other creatively. In turn, you can feel confident that your gallery and films will look cohesive and timeless. 

Not only do we work well together, but we are always getting compliments from other vendors. That’s because when you hire us to be a part of your team, we go in knowing there is a common goal of making this your best day ever. And having vendors on your side with the common purpose of serving you is what you, ultimately, deserve.

As Team Players

We pay attention to detail. And we won’t settle for less. Cinematic style makes your film stand out and one you want to watch for decades to come. We combine variety with efficiency so you can party with your friends and hug your family without having to spend all day being directed in front of a camera.

We are here to tell your story—making sure we are part of your day by capturing the finer moments: the tears that roll down your check when dad sees you for the first time, hearing your spouse gasp as you down down the aisle, and everyone cheering for you as you make your grand entrance to the reception. 

Creatively and Efficiently

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For us, winging it is not an option. We have the knowledge and equipment needed to capture what you have envisioned. Every location is different and we always come prepared with the right tools to give you the highest quality photo & film. Before each wedding we plan, collaborate, and think through the weather, lighting, and locations. After 7 years of weddings we know exactly what is needed for any situation.

With Expertise

Girls just wanna have fun.



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