5 Tips for Capturing Meaningful Moments

Bride and Groom Reception at Grand Hall

After doing 400+ weddings we know how important it is to capture meaningful moments at weddings, but it’s up to the couples to create the space to make it happen! Our 5 tips to capture meaningful moments are for you to: Create special moments throughout the day, Plan on doing a first look, Hire a Wedding Planner, Incorporate Trends and Traditions, and Document your Weekend Celebrations. Let’s take a deeper dive into why we suggest these five tips.

Create Special Moments

Wedding days are always packed with events and moving from place to place, and if you want special moments captured you can’t assume that everything will unfold naturally.

You need a designated space in your timeline and invite those people with whom you want to share intimate moments. These moments can range from a champagne toast with your bridal party, a first look with your dad, a special surprise for grandpa or a moment away from the reception to do night time photos together.

When you work through your timeline with your planner and photo/video team, make sure to mention which moments are important and how you want them captured.

First Look

Let’s chat about the magic of the first look—it’s like the VIP moment that totally deserves its own blog post! It’s the most controversial topic among couples. Should you do one or not?
From a timeline standpoint we always suggest it and here’s why…
It’s the one time of the day where you are one-hundred percent emotionally connected with no one watching, pre-wedding jitters dissipate, and you’ve got a flexible timeline to get the natural and timeless portraits you are dying for!

A first look gives you more time together (a true gift in itself). It allows you to get all of your photos done before the wedding so that way you can actually enjoy the time with your spouse, your guests, and create memories that you will laugh about and relive for years to come.

Hire a Planner

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming journey, and we’ve observed the toll it takes on our brides and their families when tackling it mostly on their own. We always suggest having a planner or professional day of coordinator so that way your day can run smoothly and so you don’t have to be the point of contact.

This directly results in the images and film you want and desire on your wedding day. When you have a planner, it allows us to fully do our job in documenting your day and you will be able to be fully present in every moment.

You won’t be pulled away to deal with missing tables or linens and we will be able you having fun and intimate moments with your spouse and guests instead!

Trends and Traditions

Lean into old traditions and make new ones yourselves! How can you incorporate details, moments, and experiences that you will look forward to? Maybe it’s a cake cutting with your parents’ knife from their wedding, choreographed first dances with your parents and each other, or a cocktail hour before the ceremony. These moments are not only fun for your guests to witness and enjoy but amazing to add to your gallery of photos and film!

Weekend Celebrations

All the work you’ve done to plan pre and post wedding celebrations shouldn’t be lost in memory… they should be documented!
Having at least one photographer and videographer will ensure you will have your entire wedding journey captured so you don’t miss a moment or detail. This also allows you and your guests to focus on enjoying the moment rather than worrying about documenting the events yourselves.

Meaningful moments are captured on your wedding day when you create a space for them to unfold. Whether it’s the intimate moments with your loved ones, the magic of a first look, allowing someone to take care of the details (and the stress), or being enthralled in the personalized experiences created, these are the moments that we love to capture, knowing that you will have an album full of beautiful memories you never want to forget.

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