What We Offer

    ~ Collections that tell your story ~

    We are so excited to work with you and can't wait to see your love story come to life. As a team we treat your wedding as our top priority, as we should. The same way your besties get all excited about your engagement, we get hyped for your wedding. We pour ourselves into your day and your story so that you can have a piece of your day for your grandkids, great grandkids, and generations to come.

    When you invest in us, we put our whole selves into making your day flawless. From making sure your lipstick is on point and not on your teeth to tearing up creating your collection. We want this to be everything you have ever dreamed of.

    West Rose Experience

    It's awesome when you can save money. Even when it's $5. Fun fact - Combine your wedding photography and Film to save $200. Thats like, 33 trips to Starbucks. We know - you can thank us later!

    Photography Collections

    This is the day you've been dreaming! This is the most important day for you both and we're HONORED to be there with you! We're there for you during the entire time, easing your process from your initial inquiry, chatting with you about your details, hanging out with you during your engagement shoot and serving you on your wedding day. We love becoming friends through your wedding journey!

    Collection I


    - up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage
    - at least 300 photos
    - print release & online gallery hosting
    - 1 photographer all day

    Collection II (most popular)


    - 8 hours of wedding day coverage
    - at least 500 photos
    - print release & online gallery hosting
    - 2nd photographer during main part
    of the day (4-5 hours)
    - Complimentary Engagement Session

    Collection III


    - 10 hours of wedding day coverage
    - at least 600 photos
    - print release & online gallery hosting
    - 2 photographers all day
    - Complimentary Engagement Session

    Film Collections

    These are our flagship film collections. The two collections cover what we need to tell your story. These are the perfect packages to capture all dynamics of your wedding day — from the sweet moments of wedding day prep, to the main events of your reception.

    Collection I


    - 1 Cinematographer
    - 8 Hours of coverage
    - Full Length Wedding Film

    Collection II (Most Popular)


    - 2 Cinematographers
    - 8-10 Hours of Coverage

    2 Videos:

    - Cinematic Doc Style Wedding Film
    - Wedding Trailer

    Collection III


    - 2 Cinematographers
    - 10-12 Hours of Coverage
    - Rehearsal or Engagement Session

    2 Videos:

    - Cinematic Doc Style Wedding Film
    - Same day trailer (Played at your reception)

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