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    We're here to tell your story - plain and simple. There's no better story than your wedding day. I (Casey) married my wife 8 years ago. Video has come a long way since then. We asked a family member to setup a camera on a tripod to record our ceremony (they forgot to hit record, woops). So we have no video of our wedding (also before smartphones were really a thing for video). We now know the true value of having a wedding film and realize that our stories matter! Scroll through our client reviews and you will see a trend of each person being so thankful they decided to have a wedding film.

    One fun thing we give away for free is select raw footage. We believe that each person should be able to have their major events in full. Most wedding films don't feature the full toast or all of that special first dance and we want you to be able to relive that moment! So here at West Rose that's yours to keep!

    Myles + Maggie
    Wedding Trailer

    Myles and Maggie wedding was filmed at
    St. Francis Xavier Church in St. Joseph.

    Film Collections

    These are our flagship film collections. The two collections cover what we need to tell your story. These are the perfect packages to capture all dynamics of your wedding day — from the sweet moments of wedding day prep, to the main events of your reception.

    Collection I


    - 1 Cinematographer
    - 8 Hours of coverage
    - Full Length Wedding Film

    Collection II (Most Popular)


    - 2 Cinematographers
    - 8-10 Hours of Coverage

    2 Videos:

    - Cinematic Doc Style Wedding Film
    - Wedding Trailer

    Collection III


    - 2 Cinematographers
    - 10-12 Hours of Coverage
    - Rehearsal or Engagement Session

    2 Videos:

    - Cinematic Doc Style Wedding Film
    - Same day trailer (Played at your reception)

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