West Rose Team

    Get to know the West Rose team!

    We're here to tell your story - plain and simple. There's no better story than your wedding day. I (Casey) married my wife 8 years ago. Video has come a long way since then. We asked a family member to setup a camera on a tripod to record our ceremony (they forgot to hit record, woops). So we have no film documentation of our wedding... We now know the true value of wedding film & photography and realize that setting up a camera on a tripod isn't the the best option for anyone. This is why we strive to give you the best product and know how to make your wedding photo and film irreplaceable.

    Here is a little bit about us.

    It is important that you know a little bit about us. Here is the deal, Casey and Brandie are married and Emily is their sister. Extra points if you guess which one blood related. We teamed up for two reasons. First, we understand each other and this helps because we work together really well. The other reason is we want to give you a unique experience. We each have a knack for seeing beauty in our bride & groom's unique stories and we love to put the pieces together through photography and film.


    Emily Elder (Soon to be Blum)

    Just a small town girl currently curating my own wedding day. All the decisions of planning the biggest event of your life with no experience in party planning is tough. I feel you. When I'm not pinning all my ideas, and photographing life's best moments, you can find me exploring all the best spots in Kansas City and dreaming up where in the world I will travel to next.


    Brandie Wertz

    Growing up I couldn't put the crayons down. You would always find me coloring, taking photos, and making things look beautiful. That translated into getting my BFA in graphic design and continuing my photography hobby into a real career! I love capturing couples, families and seniors. Connecting with my clients is my favorite part! I'm an extrovert who loves to hang out, chat about life, and stay friends long after your wedding! Oh something else you should know about me is that I have 3 kids and will most likely show you photos of them on my phone. They're that cute. ;)


    Casey Wertz

    The Filmaker of West Rose who's married to that beautiful lady right there (Brandie)! I have a passion for telling personal stories and I find weddings to be a perfect one to tell. I've worked in the wedding business for a while now and previously worked for Sporting Kansas City as a video producer.

    Are we the perfect fit?

    If the shoe fits, then go ahead and shoot us a message. We would love to see how we can help make this your best day ever.